The honesty of a good laugh is unbeatable. Like a sneeze, it's involuntary but with less snot.

Laughter cuts through the noise. Laughter makes a good story great. And aside from clinical treatment and antibiotics, it actually is the best medicine.

That's why we love comedy filmmaking. Commercial productions and creative projects alike, we always do them with a smile.

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Hired Goons is a collection of filmmakers, storytellers and misfits - bringing ideas to life.

We’re not order-takers, we’re collaborators. We don’t wait our turn, we take the initiative. Let’s make something together.

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Don't just take our word that we create lively and optimistic content for a wide range of commercial clients: take a look at these projects and see for yourself.
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HIRED GOONS is a collection of filmmakers passionate about making people happy. That means making our clients happy, our audience happy and ourselves happy.

Do we have the skills and fancy equipment to shoot almost anything you can imagine? Yep!
Do we love scriptwriting and crafting new and exciting stories? Of course!
Do we work with brands to create super-duper content. You betcha!

Let’s make something... together.


We make silly films that make us really happy and we hope they make you happy too.

We release WEEKLY CONTENT and MONTHLY SHORT FILMS on our YouTube channel, and you can subscribe here:


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+61 421 634 805
hello @ hiredgoons.com.au
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