5 Books for Running a Creative Business

Our top 5 favourite books to help run your creative business in 2019.

January 23, 2019

Firstly, shoutout to Chris Do from The Futur. Most of these book recommendations have come from his channel and I can't recommend their work highly enough. If you're running a creative business, their resources are invaluable.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey

A classic, and for a reason. The big picture book starts from deep within and helps you prioritise what you care about. Maintaining discipline, listening to others and being proactive are key takeaways, and even if you're happy with your effectiveness it's a good refresher to re-read.

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Douglas Davis

A truly eye-opening book, but a simple concept for creative practitioners: solve problems for your clients with clear goals and objectives. Any creative decisions are rooted in business goals and have more weight (and you can do really valuable work for your clients).

This Is Marketing

Seth Godin

This incredibly relevant (only released at the end of 2018) and inspirational book is dense with ideas of how to change the world through marketing. The concepts are direct and clear, but with no step-by-step process - you need to figure that out for yourself. Seth covers topics like finding your smallest viable market, seeing how others see and nailing the idea of 'people like us do things like this'.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

Blair Enns

Another game-changing concept presents a brand new way to gain new corporate clients. Rather than pitching for jobs, focus on a specialty and become an absolute expert in your field. We're not in the proposal writing business, we're in the making-cool-stuff business.

Show Your Work!

Austin Kleon

From the writer of Steal Like An Artist (mix and match and make it your own) comes a clear and simple checklist to share what you do. It's a simple book with a clear message: if you're awesome, people want to see your stuff.

We'll keep reading and keep growing. If you have a recommendation of a good read, please reach out via Facebook, Instagramor Email.