Creative Writing Tips During Quarantine

Now's a great time to start your screenplay, but we know how hard it can be to start.

April 14, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging time for all. Luckily, Australia is one of the safest counties to live in right now which is super duper because it means you can get round to finally writing that screenplay.

Here at Hired Goons, we know all about writing at home, so we've put together our TOP FIVE TIPS for creative writing during quarantine.

TIP #1: Surely you can do it tomorrow. With your foreseeable future on hold, you have a great opportunity to start writing... tomorrow. Or wait til the beginning of next week, because Monday makes things easier to do (if you know what day it is).

TIP #2: One more episode will help your inspiration. Consuming content, especially content that could be considered relevant to your writing, is a very practical way to find inspiration. Don't just watch Netflix, but also listen at the same time. You might just pick up great story or dialogue ideas from the next episode. Or not. But that is the fun of creativity.

TIP #3: Use your couch or bed to write. When your body is relaxed, then your mind can relax and create. Don't worry that these spaces will also be used for napping and Tip 2. Since you can't go to your favourite coffee shop, just make yourself a coffee and you're set to go!

TIP #4: Read. But not books or screenplays. Funny blogs or articles about creative writing tips. If that doesn't work, write your own funny blog or article about creative writing tips, then add a meta-reference within a meta-reference.

TIP #5: Quantity over quality. Writing lots of garbage is better than writing no garbage at all. Just take this list for example: the fifth tip is the most useless. If you just mash the keyboard enough times, you'll write Shakespeare (or something like that).

We've been using these tips for the last 3 weeks with great results. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on, but we will wait. Good luck with your writing.