How to Express a Restaurant's Value with Tasty Videos

Let's make something tasty!

June 27, 2018

It's a common mistake to think that a potential customer will buy your product or service just because it's better, cheaper or more convenient than the competition. There's a lot that goes into the buying decision, even for everyday purchases - including a lot of emotion. For the restaurant industry, the quality of the food is just the tip of the iceberg to get customers in the door and emotion is the key to keeping them hungry for more.

Consider first the basic attributes of every product or service: features, benefits and values. Features are the tangible aspects of the product, eg. the new iPad has a 9.7 inch screen and faster processor. Benefits are the intangible aspects that the customer really cares about, eg. a bigger screen on the iPad lets the user see and use more and the faster processor helps them get work done faster. Values are core beliefs that will be serviced by the product, eg. finishing their work faster means they can spend more time with their kids.

Nike shoes have blah blah new inner sole somethings (feature). This means your feet won't hurt when you run (benefit). So you can get in shape to feel better and look better (value).

A new restaurant just opened serving delicious, healthy meals (feature). You love the taste and you don't have to cook (benefit). What's the value for the customer? What are their core beliefs that the restaurant will serve? Take a second to think about that.

We think the answer is: connection. Relationships, belongingness and connection are third in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Once physiological needs (air, water, food, shelter) are achieved and we feel safe (physically, financially, healthy), we now need our family, friendships and a sense of belonging. Taking the time to figure out where your product or service fits on a customer's hierarchy of needs can guide your marketing process.

So if we're marketing a restaurant by showing great food cooked in slow motion - sure it makes your audience hungry - but we're not focusing on the real value of a great restaurant. Instead, let's showcase the people making connections while eating that food. Birthdays, anniversaries, welcome-home parties, first dates, engagements, graduations or even just to catch up - going out for dinner rarely has negative intentions. Why not show this fun, this shared happiness, this connection in the restaurant?

And let's not forget about the staff. Chef's don't get into the industry to make a stack of money. It's a love for food, a creativity that isn't just visual and passion for long hours, little recognition and swearing. Waiters bridge the gap with smiles and care (most of the time) and can turn a good meal into a great night. A great human experience with staff at a restaurant trumps good food every time.

So let's make videos about the awesome people behind the food and the reason we visit local restaurants: connection. Like food, videos are a collaborative process, so we can work together to tell your unique story. With a great team, hard work and a passion for filmmaking, we can create video content that gets patrons in your door for reasons other than hunger, and coming back for more.

Reach out to our team at Hired Goons - we should meet up in Brisbane for a coffee and a chat to see if we're a great fit to tell your story. Send us an emailor give Tim a call.