The Hired Goons Master Plan for 2019

Super secret plan for 2019 - do not read!

January 15, 2019

We figure there's two ways to run an organisation - closed or open. We could stay super secret and keep all our ideas to ourselves; this would be beneficial if we wanted to remain competitive, keep control and beat our rivals.

Or we could be open and share our plans; this would be beneficial if we wanted to remain collaborative, find new solutions and build new relationships. So with that in mind, here's our master plan for 2019:

Firstly, we're already growing our team to tackle even bigger and better projects. We've proven our success on the small scale and new clients can see the value in our team. These more ambitious (and frequent) client projects gives us the opportunity to invest in more ambitious (and frequent) creative projects.

We're producing as many short films as humanly (and financially) possible. We've got two TV pilots in the works and a tonne of comedy sketches to smash out to share with you. If it's comedy in Brisbane, we are going to be part of it.

The best bit? We can't do it alone - we need your help. If you have a comedy concept that you need help producing or funding, please reach out. If we think it's funny enough, we'll bring you on board. We're really passionate about growing the comedy industry here in Brisbane and are spearheading the push for more and better comedy content.

Of course, the secondary goal of these creative projects is to gain the attention of even bolder clients. Better films means better clients means better films.

We're so proud of what we achieved for our clients in 2018. The quality of our commercial content is great, but that's not enough. It's our brave ideas that make us stand out from the rest. Some creatives shy away from comedy, but we feel that humour is the best way to get a brand message across.

So that's the master plan: keep producing great work, keep supporting the industry and keep having fun. Come join us for this wild ride!