What the hell are we doing with these ads?

An explanation about what these weird ads are all about...

January 31, 2019

You might have seen our recent (and not so recent) ads for fake Hired Goons products:

You've got Hired Goons cola- the refreshing taste of summer.

Of course, there's Hired Goons underwear- the comfiest undies to dance in.

And just yesterday, the launch of Hired Goons perfume- the unforgettable scent.

Maybe we've gone crazy. Or maybe we have a plan...

We can make great ads. Do you believe us? Of course not - you have no reason to! So rather than just tell you what we can do, why not SHOW you what we can do. By parodying recognisable ads, we can showcase our diverse range of skills. And it's super fun.

To double-dip, we're also plugging the Hired Goons name. And why not? We think we're pretty great and we're not quiet about it!

There are more ads in the making: we're developing a kid's cereal (munch on Hired Goons for breakfast!) and a good ol' farmer's range commercial ("Here at Hired Goons, we do it how we've always done it"). New ways to show the talent of our team, flex our filmmaking muscles and have a stack of fun on the way.

What's that? You have an idea for an ad we can parody? Why not send us an email: hello@hiredgoons.com.au