Why Good Videos Are Not Good Enough For Your Business to Grow

We can create something better...

May 2, 2018

It's no surprise that video is the #1 media consumed online. Businesses from startups to multi-nationals know that an effective video campaign can drive sales, reach a new market and tell their story.

But too often, business owners settle for second best with their video production. The content produced is just adequate and may get the job done in the short-term. But for long-term and meaningful growth, 'good' videos are not enough.

Your business needs great videos.

Video is the perfect medium to tell your story. They can engage a passive audience and with evolving technologies, computers can generate nearly anything into a video. To create a lasting impression and make videos work for you, follow these steps:

Solving Your Business Problems

Before commissioning a video production, take one step back and consider what your main business problems are. What keeps you up at night? Maybe sales are dropping in one of your markets. Maybe your e-commerce store doesn't have the features your customers need. Perhaps your staff need additional training. A video may not solve these problems.

Taking the time to clarify your goals and sharing them with your videography team will ensure you're all heading in the same direction. A video just for the sake of it may not solve your business problem - it might just waste your money and our time.

"There's no such thing as problems. Only solutions."- John Lennon.

Aligning Values

To create meaningful content, you should start by discovering the core values of your business. What do you and your team truly believe in? What does your brand stand for? Maybe you're a fitness brand and believe in good health. Maybe your restaurant franchise believes in quality food and giving back to the community. It's these values that should drive your business every day and motivate the video content.

Next, what are your target's values? Your dream customers - what do they believe in? If you can align your brand's values with your target's values - that's the secret recipe for marketing success.

Westpac's latest ad is a brilliant example of expressing their values of helping Australians. I wouldn't watch a 90 second Westpac ad, but I will watch that 90 second masterpiece in storytelling.

Show, Don't Tell

Everyone knows the heartbreaking story at the beginning of the Pixar film, Up. This 4-minute scene tells the story of Carl and Ellie without any dialogue. It's the perfect example of 'show, don't tell'. Gets me every time.

Don't tell your audience how to use your product - show the product being used. Don't tell them the ingredients in your burger - show them every juicy detail. Don't tell them how to feel - make them feel.

Apple is the prime example of showing the product in use. No one really cares about the size or processor or hardware of the new iPad, they just want to use it. If you can express your idea without using dialogue, do it. It's much more difficult, but clearly worth it (considering Apple's unstoppable growth).

Where To From Here?

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing video content for your business, but hopefully it will start the cogs turning for you to realise that your business deserves better videos.

If you're in Brisbane, Australia, get in touch. We know a few great coffee places around to meet and see if our values align with yours to create something together. Outside of Brisbane, still feel free to reach out - we can offer advice regarding strategy and brainstorm some ideas with you.

Thanks for reading and all the best with your business.