YouTube Creator Day - Comedy Bootcamp Recap

The future is online, and that includes comedy.

April 9, 2019

To sum it up in two words: game changing. I guess that’s why they call themselves Changer Studios.

This weekend we were privileged to attend Changer Studio’s Comedy Creator Bootcamp, presented by YouTube, Advance Queensland and QUT. The two day intensive workshop was well worth an entire weekend and opened our eyes to the huge potential of YouTube as a platform. Shared with an intimate group of 15 local creators, everyone exchanged ideas, inspiration and plenty of laughs.

Ant and Farhad from Changer hosted the event, sharing their wealth of knowledge and infectious passion for YouTube. Their studio supports YouTube content creators to help grow their audience and leverage opportunities to build a sustainable career online. It’s truly a changing time where millionaires can be built on YouTube. The number one piece of advice they expressed was: share your passion. It’s a long and unforgiving road to be a full-time content creator, so creating something that you’re passionate about makes it that much easier. Times can’t get that tough when you love what you do.

We explored successful channels and dissected different formats. Program scheduling is more crucial than you think and we learned we need to fix our video thumbnails and titles to optimise results. The perfect thumbnail can drive traffic to the video. Like any marketing, views count and it doesn’t matter how good the content is if we don’t get any views.

Dan Morrison from Comedy Central shared their acquisition process and how they’ve developed Australian content in the past. They’re happy to take risks if a creator already has an established audience and a proven track record. Maybe one day we’ll have the opportunity to pitch to Comedy Central and work with their team to spread our comedy to the world.

Paul Walton from Princess Pictures also gave us his time to express his views on the changing climate of content creation, distribution and consumption. He sees a change coming and audiences are hungry for great online content.

We’re changing everything we do after this Creator Day. We're focussing even more attention on our creative passions. There’s plenty of work to do and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. We're not doing this for us, we're doing this for you - and we think you're gonna love it.