If you're looking for boring corporate video production: please don't contact us.

But, if you're as excited as we are about making the world laugh and are brave enough to try something funny, then come join us:

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Shop 1 / 32 Asquith Street
Morningside QLD 4170
(Look for the red sign)

I'm the brains of the operation. And the brawn. Pearce and Sam don't do much around here.

I manage the operations of Hired Goons like proposals, finances and scheduling. I'm also responsible for Hired Goons' design and the amazing website you're browsing right now.

My favourite film that I have directed is:

Don't listen to Tim, that's a half-truth. It's just Sam that doesn't do much.

I'm a whiz at all technical things like cameras and computers. When I'm not creating wild animations or editing up a storm, I'm writing new comedy scripts including feature films.

My favourite film that I have directed is:

Pearce and Tim are just joking. None of us really do any work.

When it comes to new ideas or producing impossible stories on tiny budgets - I'm your guy.

You might have also noticed me starring as a handsome werewolf or castaway or taxi driver or caterpillar detective.

My favourite film that I have directed is:

"I prefer the hands on touch you only get from Hired Goons"
- M Burns.