What does FAQ mean?

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. Look, we don't actually get asked these questions frequently, but we thought we should provide some extra clarity before you give us a call.

What kind of films do you make?

We actually have two sides to our company: our corporate side where we work with brands on commercial projects and our creative side where we develop and execute comedy films.

What do you mean by 'commercials'?

We mean any project where the goal is to grow your business. Sure, we make fun stuff but at the end of the day we like to make you happy by making you more money. This could be an online campaign, broadcast or cinema advertisements.


Maybe you already have an in-house production team or partner with a video agency. Maybe what you've done in the past has done the job. Maybe it's time for more.

It all comes down to balance. We've perfected the balance between fun and professional. We get the job done. With a smile.

If I work with you, does it have to be comedy?

Of course not. We understand not every project needs a funny touch, but we'll always include comedy in our strategy to see it's something that your audience will connect with.

How much does it cost?

Look, we're not the cheapest. We've found that we can start to be effective from $25K, but our projects can range much higher. If your budget is tight, get in touch and we can see where we can help.

Do you work with agencies?

Sure do! We've developed relationships with marketing and PR agencies and can make recommendations. We still require our own strategy and creative input into project, but fun shared is fun-ner.

What if I'm not nearby Brisbane?

No problem. We've worked remotely with clients before.

Anything else?

From here, we'll need to answer your questions over the phone or in-person. So get in touch: