We have an idea...

With all the uncertainty in the world, the future of small business is unknown.

Social distancing is the best thing to combat this pandemic, but it's a bit scary right now. What if this goes on for another 6 months? How much of our income could be lost?

Worst of all, your clients relied on you for your services, which you might not be able to provide.

We're feeling this struggle too, so we are offering a solution that might be able to help your business, help us and help your customers:

Video production
to take your business online

We have an opportunity to embrace this challenge to innovate our businesses.
Your one-on-one services or group activities may have minimised, but the value you provide for your customer has not.

With our team's skills in scriptwriting, video production and editing, we can work with you to design and execute an online service to continue to bring your value to your current customers.

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Group fitness sessions. Property walk-throughs.

Musical performances. Language classes.

Cross-Fit workouts. Stand-up comedy. Yoga lessons.

Business training. Physiotherapy coaching. Meal plans.

Let's add it up.

As an example, let's assume your business relies on 150 local customers coming to your group fitness classes each week - but now they can't.

Together, we'll film a series of workouts for your clients to use over the next month. You won't be able to provide hands-on service, so let's offer them a discounted rate: say $40/week.

That's $24,000 in regained income each month - just from existing customers. We can even refer some great marketing agencies to help find new clients and bump that number up!

Best of all, these online classes can be offered even after we hang up our hazmat suits and this pandemic is over.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you'd think. We understand exactly how tight money is right now.

Typically, our productions start around $20,000, and while this may be less than just one month of potential income, we understand this investment might be out of reach for some businesses right now.

We'd prefer to give, rather than take, so we have options to support each other including delayed payment schedules and revenue sharing.

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It actually doesn't have to be with us!

If you'd prefer to engage another local video production company or have time to do it yourself in-house and still find success - we consider that a win.

Of course we'd love to work with you and we think you'll love our balance between fun and professionalism. We have a stack of experience in video production and will always recommend adding a touch of comedy to every project.

To see our style, take a look at some of our recent corporate productions and comedy short films.

Fun stuff:

Serious stuff:

One more thing...

Here at HIRED GOONS we're practising self-isolation too, so when it comes to shooting on-set there's a few precautions we're putting in place:

Where possible, we'll keep our on-set crew to no more than four people. We typically love hugging, so will have to cut that out. And we'll have a back-up crew or flexible dates in case there's any flu-like symptoms or additional movement restrictions enforced by the government to keep people safe.