Since the first time we made an audience laugh, we were hooked.

Our comedies are about werewolves, witches, half-man half-caterpillar detectives and bank robbers (you know, the usual stuff).

We have handfuls of comedy projects in development with big, exciting plans ahead. Part of our development process is creating proof of concept series to test new ideas, which you can watch here:

Hired Goons Heist
Hired Goons Copperpillar
Hired Goons Werewolf

We're on a mission to make the world laugh more. So when we're not juggling corporate productions, we're making these comedy short films just for you.

They make us very happy and we hope they make you happy:

Welcome Home
Desert Island Secret Santa
The Last Day of Christmas
Valentine's Day
My First Murder
Follow That Taxi
The Witch's Mess
Please Do Not Feed The Ducks
Father Son Bombding