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Producing effective videos for your business marketing can be a daunting and expensive process - believe us, we know! But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join us in this 20 part course where we start with your marketing goals, develop your concepts, help you execute your productions and get them in front of your perfect audience.

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Learn how to produce, film and share your business videos.

What if you could have full control over your video marketing?

What if you could plan ahead and save money without hiring videographers?

What if you could turn viewers into paying customers by creating effective video content?

When it comes to video marketing, there's no doubt: it's challenging, expensive and time-consuming. It's difficult to come up with new ideas, cameras are technically complex and it's hard to engage your audience.

Not for us. We want to share will you our process from start to finish.

In this ___ part course, we will give away all our secret tips and tricks to generate exciting video ideas, how to create high quality videos with great visuals and audio, and how to see a great return on investment for your business.

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What's inside:

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20 Video Lessons

Over ____ hours of content divided into three modules:


Developing goals for your video marketing, focussing on your audience's needs.

Turning our big dreams into achievable productions, including budgeting, scheduling, crew and casting.


The fun part: the filming and editing.


Making sure your videos reach the right audience to maximise reach and your return on investment.


Video Project Goals


Storytelling Fundamentals



Location Scouting


Equipment Recommendations






Smartphone Tips


Data Management Basics

Editing 101

Sound Tips

Colour Grading

Finalising and Formatting

Distribution Tips

Post-Project Analysis

Worksheet Templates

Marketing Goals Template

Pre-Shoot Checklist

Who is this course for?

This course is for any small business owner or marketing manager who want to use video more effectively. We'll give you the tools and knowledge to create your own goals and your own content.

HAND-SAM: Do your business videos look like this? Sharp, engaging, professional? Or do they look a bit more like this?
SHITTY SELFIE VIDEO: Aw hi guys. We're here at the shop and um we have a sale on today. Say hi to Pearce. (No don't look at me!) And um come on down and we have... oh the lights... (pushed away)
HAND-SAM: (Hemsworth face) Ooo that's embarrassing. But we see this all the time. Businesses that deserve a better first impression online.
Don't stress - you don't need to hire a team of videographers to fix this. We know that filmmaking can be an intimidating process, but we'd like to take you behind the scenes and teach you some basic skills. The fundamentals in this course will help level up your video marketing and produce more effective content for your business.
Our course covers the entire the entire filmmaking process from beginning to end. We cover how to set your project goals, planning and execution,your videos in front of your perfect audience.
Look, this isn't rocket surgery. Let's show you what we mean.
NEW SCENE: Let's start with sound (click). Now you can hear be a bit better - let's fix that composition. I know you're having trouble seeing how handsome I am (click - lights). Looking good now. Why not finish with some colour grading... There we go, much better. Simple filmmaking tips like this will level up your videos.
HAND-SAM: This course will save you money on cheap videographers and (used correctly) will help see a return on investment for each project. We can't wait to get started.

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