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Making your audience laugh is the fastest way to their hearts (without invasive surgery).

HIRED GOONS are on a mission to make the world laugh more, connecting brands with their perfect audience through comedy.

We take silliness seriously.

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The laughter experts.

HIRED GOONS is a comedy video production company based in Brisbane. We love making people happy.

Maybe you have an in-house production team or partner with a video agency. Maybe what you've tried in the past worked before. Maybe it's time for something more.

We get bored too easily and noticed there's not enough fun in filmmaking. When we enjoy it, your customers will too.

Sure, we could always just deliver the same videos as everyone else, but we won't.

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If you're looking for boring corporate videos, we're not the team for you. Please don't contact us.

If you're brave enough to try something new and funny, then come join us:

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Want more?

We're so passionate about making the world laugh more, we do it in our spare time too. Comedy short films, comedy web-series and more in the works, they're free for you to watch here: