VR Experience for Young Cricket Fans

Brisbane Heat

Case Study


Help Brisbane Heat announce their Heat Interactive VR experience.


Younger Brisbane Heat fans - 8-16 years, boys and girls.


Shooting with the talented youngster Curtis Hendrickx, we filmed him playing in the Heat Interactive tent at the Allan Border Field.


Combining actual VR footage and Curtis’ enthusiasm, the final video was shared far and wide on Brisbane Heat’s social media channels.


Brisbane Heat saw young fans from all over engage with the Heat Interactive tent and take-home flyers.

How We Did It

With a younger demographic in mind, we cast Curtis Hendrickx as our lead spokesperson. We've worked with Curtis before on a handful of creative projects and he brought a great energy to our production and Brisbane Heat’s script.

With a social media distribution plan, we made sure to take aspect ratio into account in blocking and framing to include widescreen, square and vertical deliverables. To give a sneak peek into the experience, the Brisbane Heat team provided in-game footage to help elevate the final deliverables.

We have also worked with Brisbane Heat on the Transport Main Roads collaborations.