Sunny Smiles with Johnathan Thurston

Instyle Solar

Case Study


With Ruby Communications, help Instyle Solar become the household name in solar power.


Australian homeowners - 35-55


Our team flew to Townsville to interview Johnathan Thurston and teach him how solar power can help him and his family.


We delivered a series of fun interview videos sharing Johnathan Thurston’s thoughts about solar power, and an informative ‘sales pitch’ video to educate potential customers.


The team at Instyle Solar share this video with potential customers to save time and money sending a sales representative.

How We Did It

Partnering with the team at Ruby Communications, we developed and pitched several options to Instyle Solar for their new video campaign. Having already secured Johnathan Thurston as their new brand ambassador, his family values and character (especially his laugh) featured heavily.

Our initial pitches relied heavily on Johnathan Thurston’s acting abilities but with advice from his management, decided to refocus to a more realistic and natural style. The team at Instyle Solar expressed their need to streamline their sales process, so we opted to record their Director Jonah Hick’s sales pitch to Johnathan Thurston.

Luckily, their team were also installing new solar panels on JT’s home, so the pitch was genuine and informative for the audience and the ex-football star. JT’s family values, environmental concerns and his iconic smile shone through, bringing an every-man style to the final videos. His interviews were friendly and unrehearsed, and we hope to check in with JT in the future to see how his solar panels are helping his family save money and the environment.