Not-So-Boring Training Videos

Matrix Polymers

Case Study


Create a series of plastic training videos that ditch the traditional structure and try something funny and unique.


Rotational moulding factory managers and staff around Australia and the world.


Inspired by morning show segments, we created a host of training videos that parody cooking classes, weather updates and 'tacky' daytime TV ads. Filming with staff from Matrix Polymers in a studio kitchen and on-site at the their factory, we brought a new energy to this potentially dry content.


For this campaign, we delivered five training videos and one advertisement. More importantly, we had a stack of fun creating them.


Matrix Polymers will be presenting these training videos around Australia over the next few months, with immediately positive feedback from their team.

How We Did It

When you think 'rotational moulding powder manufacturing training videos' how quickly do you fall asleep? That's why Grant from Matrix Polymers approached us to bring some fun to a typically boring topic.

From Grant's brief and technical information we developed a different story for each short training video, conscious not to repeat the same joke or style for every video (fans of Russell Coight might notice a cheeky nod to his ongoing handshake joke). Lucky for us, we knew that Sam had the perfect on-screen presence to bring the perfect playful tone as the presenter.

At first glance, these fun videos might seem like a distraction or unprofessional marketing tool. But in a market where boring prevails, there's a chance to stand out from the crowd using comedy to your advantage. Matrix Polymer's brand image is growing as the fun partner to work with in their industry, and their sales are proving this unique method to be successful.

Finding a way to get our message to cut through to customers is as critical as it is challenging. Adding comedy into the mix just makes the message so much more memorable and takes the conversation and feedback to another level. The impact is just so much greater.

The Hired Goons team make the whole process fast, fun and effective.  We actually find ourselves thinking what can we come up with next in order to work with these guys again.

- Grant Palling, General Manager Australia - Matrix Polymers