Time Travelling with UQ

The University of Queensland

Case Study


Encourage future students to learn more about the three different IT degrees that the University of Queensland offers.


School-leavers 15-17 years old, Australian


Combining solid strategy and fun scriptwriting, we brought our A-Team of comedy cast and expert crew for a full day shoot at UQ’s beautiful Great Court.


The final hero video delivered a balance between comedy and inspiring messaging to engage a young audience to pursue an tertiary education in IT.


Project currently released on the UQ Future Students website.

How We Did It

Typically, Information Technology is a serious topic. But the marketing team at UQ’s Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology faculty were willing to take a chance on a comedy project to reach their perfect audience. The team were a delight to work with and gave us valuable insights through our strategy sessions and development process.

Settling on the concept of time travellers coming back to visit themselves at the UQ campus, we set out to cast a diverse range of actors to represent the demographics of UQ students. We were thrilled when our first choice of talented Brisbane actors agreed to this concept and believe their acting skills are the highlight of this project.

It was also a privilege to shoot inside UQ’s Great Court - an icon of the campus. With perfect weather, our dream cast and our A-Team crew, the shoot day reminded us how much we love filmmaking. With some gorgeous VFX as the cherry on the cake, we are incredibly proud of the final deliverables and hope to inspire other clients to take a chance on something fun and wonderful.